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Define. Find. Target. Reveal. Act. These are the five steps to SEO Success with RankHacker™. The only software suite that builds your SEO strategy from scratch, it is the perfect choice for SEO novices, small business owners, and marketing professionals who are looking for a fully automated system to share the workload.
With RankHacker™, you will DEFINE your SEO strategy with the SEO Goal Calculator, which will show you how many website visitors you need each month to meet your sales goals. Next, you need to FIND industry relevant keywords with the Visualize Keyword Networth™ Tool before you TARGET your competitors. Next, you REVEAL your backlink strategies before you finally ACT by putting your new SEO strategy into practice.

Fully Automate Your SEO In 5 Simple Steps.
The only tool that builds your SEO strategy and forecasts ROI for top ranking phrases.


Define your monthly lead or sales goal using our SEO goal calculator.

This is our SEO Goal Calculator. Zoom in for a closer look.

Everything starts with a goal.
What’s the point in doing SEO without an end-goal? Without a defined goal you may end up wasting alot of time, money and energy. Lets begin your campaign on the right foot by using our SEO Goal Calculator to output the exact amount of website visitors you will need each month in order to hit your lead and/or sales goal.
2. Find SEO keywords that reach your defined visitor, lead, and sales goals.

Zoom to view search volume, visitor, lead, and revenue projections for SEO and/or PPC.

Visualize Keyword Networth™.
Now that you’ve got a defined visitor goal, build a mission in Rank Hacker and find industry relevant keywords that you wish to rank for. Once you’ve built a list of relevant phrases, next tweak your selections by choosing phrases that meet both your web visitor and revenue goals.
3. Target competitors with high rankings and high traffic.

To view the pg. 1 competitors and organic CTR for any phrase, zoom into our comp. intel panel.

Take control.
Once you have a strong list a keywords the next step is to view the data behind each phrase. Rank Hacker will show you the top 10 competitors ranking on page 1 of Google for each of your phrases. Depending on which competitors you toggle off and on will alter your ROI projections. Why? Because we know the exact amount of traffic each competitor receives from their page 1 rankings – and rankings means traffic.. and traffic means leads and sales!