Reach unreachable

For companies on all stages. Effective, semi-automatic, targeted lead-generation campaigns on Twitter.

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Engage new high quality leads on Twitter. Show them your offering and turn them into happy customers. Automate your lead generation.

Find valuable leads

Identify your markets influencers, meet ideal buyers or discover future clients. Reach people who are normally unreachable using traditional online ads.

Test your ideas

Find early adopters for your innovative product or service. Evaluate your value proposition, create polls and get valuable feedback in two weeks.

Get to know Rarog better

Discover how we build and launch lead generating campaigns for you, see stories of successful campaigns and the origins of rarog.

Our process

Learn exactly how we will find valuable leads and reach them on Twitter for you.
We are open about the whole process and ready to answer any of your questions.


Rarog is helping companies achieve their goals. Discover the ways how different companies benefited from hypertargeted Twitter campaigns.