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“say goodbye to working around your software”

RedHorse was designed from the ground up to work the way you need it to work.

If you’re a demanding business owner, here are a few reasons why you need to be demanding RedHorse…

As powerful — or as simple — as you need

Both versions of RedHorse, RedHorse CRM and the complete RedHorse Business Manager, come ready with a dizzying range of functionality.

So whatever you may need… group calendaring and activity management, social media integration, marketing campaign management, custom surveys, quoting, support tickets, workflow management, or billing integration… RedHorse can do it!

But you probably don’t need to use all those functions, so why should you have to navigate around them?

So RedHorse lets you totally customize your work environment. With a few clicks you can simply switch off the features you don’t need.

Add your own data fields

We know every business works differently, and so should your business software.

RedHorse will happily accommodate whatever data you need to collect, see, or manage. You can create as many user-defined fields as you need, whenever you need to.