Ad Tracking & Conversion Attribution
Track, Manage, Optimize across all devices, channels, and platforms.

One Platform To Consolidate All Media Buying Activities.
The industry-leading ad tracking and conversion attribution solution trusted by media buyers and affiliate marketers to increase efficiency and revenue.

Analyze perfomance
Analyze & optimize real-time
Get accurate data for each impression, click, and conversion in real-time. Save hours of manual work and turn insights into actions with campaign automation rules and alerts.

Get accurate data
Attribute all conversion events
Improve conversion rates by having full transparency into when conversion happens for each and every customer. Optimize different conversion points and funnel stages to drive the highest return on ad spend.

Connect your team
Collaborate & share results
Connect your team within one platform, and save hours with shared views and reports for peers, partners, and customers. Set access right to different sections of the account and show only the data you want to share.