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ReferralHero – Imagine growing your business 5%-10% a month. Every month.‍

A referral program is the most sustainable acquisition channel but setting one up is not simple, especially if it’s your first time.

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Why ReferralHero?

Word-of-mouth has no substitute.

Something magical happens when people naturally refer your business to their friends via word-of-mouth. Research has shown over and over again that referred customers cost less to acquire, spend more and stay longer with you.

Yet, most companies rely on inefficient marketing channels to attracts new customers, such as advertising (expensive and complicated), content marketing (slow) or do nothing at all because they think that referral marketing is the game of the big guys and they can’t afford it.

So we set out to build something simple, something elegant, something that everybody can use… a tool that makes it easy to grow your business through referrals.