Description – MailChimp for Videos

Use Generative AI to address millions of customers personally, through videos.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools

Send video emails using the same tools you use for text email.

API for personalized channels of delivery

Our API is customizable to suit your sales outreach needs

Tech behind the Scenes

A sophisticated deep learning engine lies at the heart of Rephrase, that learns facial features corresponding to spoken audio and reconstructs photorealistic faces for any new given text or audio. This engine can be accessed by a simple API call or a web app.

How are videos made?

While deepfakes essentially means creating synthetic videos with deep neural networks, the colloquial use of the term is for transferring movements and expressions of one person to another; an equivalent in the real-world would be voice mimicking for speech.

At, we create real videos from scratch. What traditionally used to take a team of director, camera people, actors, sound engineers, costume designers days to create your perfect video, we create the same beautiful video in real-time with the help of Rephrase engine which is completely driven by software! A team of tech-savvy and responsible humans are teaching the software to become better everyday while learning how to do the same on their own.

The basis for our platform is facial re-enactment, where we predict the lip movements, facial expressions, head movements, eye blinks, and everything that goes into making the AI-driven presenter’s face look photorealistic.

To conclude, while both technologies are very powerful, deepfakes have gained a bad reputation because of its use for iniquitous purposes (politics, pornography etc.)