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Know what you don’t know… then actually do something about it

Our platform turns listening into action.
Action into opportunity. Leads into customers.
And data into revenue.

Taking control of your brand’s reputation is no longer optional.

Why RXM matters
+3.9% Retailers with a high Reputation Score experience 3.9% higher sales growth.
+$1.2M Hospitals with a high Reputation Score earn $1.2M more revenue per bed, per year.
+10% Auto dealerships see up to a 10% increase in sales volume by monitoring and improving their Reputation Score.
+50% Locations that optimize business data on Google can drive up to 50% more purchases.
67% More than two-thirds of consumers lose trust in a business when its listings are inaccurate.
+7X Using a Google Listing makes a business 2.7X more reputable, drives 7X more clicks and 70% more visits.