RestSend:Popups‑Social Proof

RestSend:Popups‑Social Proof

RestSend:Popups‑Social Proof


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RestSend:Popups‑Social Proof

Create urgency through social proof for higher conversions

Increase Conversion Rates
Flexible settings available to turn the popup on and off on shopping cart pages. Minor tweaks can result in improve conversions

A Live and Busy Online Store
Create a live shopping environment virtually.Engages your customers and get orders.

Shop with Confidence
Real time orders placed by real customers. Your customers can shop with confidence and ease.About RestSend:Popups‑Social Proof
About RestSend- Sales Popup Social Proof
RestSend enables real-time social proof messaging (recent orders, other shoppers’ behaviors) to display within your store. It creates a live shopping environment virtually and engage your customers for higher conversions.

Who needs this App?
No matter you are running a well-known brand or just starting off, you will need it and benefit from it.

Window Shopping lets shoppers add items to their shopping carts directly from a notification
Build customized social proof messaging with NO CODE required
Get more clicks by making the entire notification a button
Set up custom Page Rules to curate shoppers’ browsing experience
Built-in FAQ
Built-in Beginner’s guide
What can the App do?
Send personalized notifications to shoppers on other shoppers’ real-time shopping behaviors (browsing, adding items to shopping carts etc.).
The personalized notifications can be customized to match your store’s look and feel in different styles.
Our in-depth analytical dashboard allows you to quickly grasp digital insights such as clicks, views, recent Popup events, and more. Take the analytical insights and optimize your Sales Popup for better results.