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About Us

Productivity for the Connected Age

Rexter empowers connected professionals to manage their growing contacts and develop productive business relationships. Our intelligent algorithms and cutting-edge technology leverage data from existing accounts to:

Eliminate the need for repetitive data entry
Organize interactions by relevant contacts
Surface helpful insights about how you’re spending your time
Provide real-time guidance on who can best help you reach your many objectives

Rexter makes it easy to access your information on the go through our web and mobile applications, as well as incorporates powerful collaborative tools to allow you to increase productivity across your work group. It’s no wonder Rexter is the solution of choice for respected industry leaders in commercial real estate, investment banking, private equity, insurance and more.

Rexter is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Andy Wilson, who found it increasingly difficult to manage his growing Rolodex after social media gained mainstream use. Andy took this problem to Daniel Bouganim, a long-time friend and expert in engineering Internet products. With the help of some friends, including Dr. Galen Buckwalter (the creator of the famous eHarmony relationship algorithm), they collaborated to develop Rexter, an intelligent guidance system for optimizing business relationships.