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Digital marketing software for real estate
Get more listings and close more deals
by marketing in collaboration with your sales force, or your money back.

What is rezora?

Create digital conversations that lead to conversion
Powerful creation, editing, and publishing tools that are fast and easy to use, empowering you to make beautiful email, social posts, display ads, and print files.
Flexible architecture that adapts to your organizational hierarchy
Brand compliance is ensured via controls that match your methodology
Beautiful content and listing marketing results, whether sending on behalf of your agents, via intelligent automation, or empowering agents to create and send on their own

Deepen your relationships via Artificial Intelligence
Manage your contact relationships to ensure that your marketing messages are delivered to the right people at the right time.
Immediately see distribution results, including Artificial Intelligence-generated recommendations of who you should reach out to next.
Create smart groupings to distribute via multiple marketing channels, and employ conditional content that is delivered to only the appropriate contacts.
Learn more about your contacts via “Supercharging” so that you distribute to groups that align with your preferred segmentation and customer journeys.

Get the help you need,
whenever you need it
Augment your internal capabilities whenever you need assistance.
Collaborate with us to generate custom templates, rows, display ads, or other content materials whenever you need them.
Increase your engagement scores with free stock photography and other dynamic content from a wide range of sources.
Get the best service and support in the industry with our world-class Customer Success and Technical Support teams. Response times in mere seconds, and a >98% satisfaction rate!