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Why we built rmoov
Worried about bad backlinks? Received an unnatural links warning in your Google Webmaster Tools account? Trying to lift a manual penalty?

If low quality, unnatural or “spammy” links in your website’s backlink profile have become a preoccupation, you’re in danger of spending way too much time worrying about your problems and not enough working on solutions!

It’s time to shift the balance back in your favor and get back to being productive with rmoov.

How does it work?
Add a list of URLs
rmoov pulls contact information for each domain
Customize email templates and start your campaign
rmoov creates and sends email, follows up with reminders, automatically checks links, provides a reporting system for domain owners, marks domains cleaned up and auto-fills a record of every step straight into a Google doc so you can see what’s happening along the way.
You can now:

pause and edit campaigns
add notes to domains
Submit requests via Contact URL
Auto-generate Disavow Reports ready for upload to Google’s Disavow Links tool
Download complete Summary reports, including Domain Cleanup Status, complete mail records and clickable links to all sent mail
Share your Reports with the Webspam Team
Lodge your reconsideration request.
Suddenly your thoughts are turning to that awesome new content idea that just popped into your head?


Time to sign up for your free account and get started on your first Campaign.

Who can use rmoov?

Whatever the size of your backlink removal problem, rmoov can help make it better. rmoov is FREE for Basic members and does everything you need it to do with a limitation on the number of campaigns and URLs processed.

To manage link removal requests for larger or multiple sites, you’ll need our Business or Enterprise version.

For updates on new features, Find us on Google+