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There’s a better way to
release software to your users.
Progressively deliver features to your users with confidence, in real-time. CloudBees Feature Flags gives software teams precise control over every software release.

Decrease Risk During Releases
Increase your confidence during releases with the simple feature flag implementation and management.

Improve Software Development Productivity
Remove development bottlenecks, long-winded feature branches, and speed development.

Reduce Product Feedback Loops
Improve and control product experiences through progressive delivery.

Continuously Release Features with Less Risk to Users
CloudBees Feature Flags is a secure, scalable feature management platform that allows developers and software teams to accelerate mobile, web, and back-end development by giving them maximum control over their features in production.
Easy Targeting
CloudBees Feature Flags allows engineers to quickly get started targeting specific segments of users (like IP, Subscription Tier, etc.) with our easy to use SDKs or API. Create rich rules based on any property or attribute to create static and dynamic segments.

Controlled Releases
Control how new versions are released into users hands. Maybe you want to do a timed approach, slowly releasing your application to a broader base every 5 minutes. Or maybe you want to give 25% of your users the newest version to see how it behaves in production. CloudBees Feature Flags gives you a simple, yet powerful UI to completely control your releases.