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Customize your communication

Stand out from your competitors by customizing your sites according to the expectations of your visitors.

Optimize the satisfaction of your users by automatically adapting the content to their interests and address them targeted messages according to the interactions they realized on your site.

The Rubedo Platform allows you to strengthen your digital strategy by benefiting from predictive analysis and marketing automation tools integrated with content management and e-commerce features.

Create new websites in just a few clicks

Build new websites within a few minutes thanks to the website creation wizard ! Rubedo’s multi-sites intuitive features allows you to create small or complex websites without requiring any development. Easily share contents, media, documents, users between your sites without having to duplicate them. Your websites can be managed by different teams and several users, while maintaining a central administration.

100% multi-device

Websites built with Rubedo automatically adjust to the devices on which they are accessed thanks to fully integrated Responsive Web Design support. Blocks are reorganised and images are resized to fit to mobile and tablet devices.

Rubedo gives you the hability to modify the display of websites on desktop, tablet and mobile phone by checking a simple box for each element of the site. Rubedo also offers a preview feature on different devices to check the rendering of each page.