Visitor Automation that makes people reply!
LinkedIn+Email Automation in one platform

(Combined you see 67% higher reply rates)
Be relevant stop seeming like spam!

1-1 Personalization that scales

It has never been faster to be relevant in sales, set up and automated approach for 1-1 personalization and see the most important data directly.

Prospect on Social Networks
Use Social Networks as your Prospecting source
Start your outreach from social networks directly with one click. Use the web are your prospecting source. Either 100% automate your outreach or enroll the lead into 1-1 Personalization Automations at scale.

Automate with Webhooks
Automations for Zoom, Calendly, your CRM etc.
Once someone join a webinar Saleshub can automatically connect to them on Linkedin and increase the engagement.

Sync replies to your CRM
Sync all LinkedIn & emails replied to your CRM.
Fully automated integrations that suits your workflow, we automatically sync replies if you choose to do so to your CRM. Including all messages on Linkedin and Email.

Technology alerts with
Steal customers from your competitor
What is better than automate technology installs to prospecting and let the system reach out to potential clients in real time?

Integrated with your workflow
Sync your data to and from over 2,000+ sales and marketing tools to build a complete workflow