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Selling has never been this much fun
Save time, get deeper insights, and close more deals with a CRM built to help you sell as effectively as possible.

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1800+ companies leveling up their sales operations with Samdock

Samdock makes it easy to

Get real insights
Into your customers with a powerful suite of features

Save time
With an intuitive pipeline & easy task management.

Drive more revenue
By helping you
focus on
closing more deals.

Smart. Simple. Powerful.
We built Samdock from the ground up to help you cut out noise and sell more effectively.

Understand your customers like never before.

Leverage full data visibility at all times.
Samdock’s unique, comprehensive overview contains all the information you have on both persons and organisations, so you won’t waste time switching between tabs and programs.

Build out the profiles you need to close more deals.
With contact information, social media links, and complete activity history, creating in-depth prospect profiles has never been this easy.

Work your way with custom views.
Samdock makes it simple to create custom views for your workspace by filtering and segmenting your data.

Say hello to the straightforward sales pipeline you’ve always wanted to work with.

Make life easy for yourself with a straightforward, intuitive UI.
Nothing hurts your ability to sell more than having to work around dozens of unnecessary bells and whistles. That’s why Samdock is pared-back and intuitive—not to mention beautiful.

Get the full picture
from your leads inbox to closing.
Collect and filter requests with Samdock’s unique lead inbox and push every deal over the finish line with a seamless, unified deal flow.

Don’t settle for less than complete flexibility.
With Samdock, you can easily create multiple sales pipelines and stages to match your own style of selling and try out new methods & techniques.

Work smarter with Samdock’s task management suite.

Plan out your day as precisely as you need to.
With Samdock’s intuitive To-Do list and task organiser, working out your daily plan of attack on your sales targets couldn’t be simpler.

Collaborate with your team and smash your targets together.
By assigning tasks, you can ensure your team is always on the same page, so you can all work towards nailing your goals together.

Stay in the zone with a seamless workflow.
Samdock makes it easy to connect tasks to leads and deals, creating the perfect integrated workflow for high-powered selling.

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