Putting your customer feedback on autopilot

Targeted feedback seamlessly integrated with your apps of choice

Understand your customer journey

Discover customer pains in key touch-points and track how you improve over time.

Gather feedback from new customers during onboarding, using CES survey

Measure satisfaction with parts of your service, using CSAT survey

Gauge your overall customer experience, using NPS survey

Learn what is unique about your service and judge if you’re ready to scale, using Product-Market Fit survey

Simple & Customizable

Integrate SatisMeter and Segment with just one click

Customize your targeting with user traits

Launch surveys on your website and mobile app (iOS and Android)

Embed surveys in email with the email client of your choice

Control exactly when surveys show with event triggers

All your feedback in one place

No more stress trying to remember anecdotal feedback

All feedback scientifically collected and gathered in easy to understand dashboard

Unlimited users, so no hassle with user access

Share your survey results quickly and easily via a public link

Send new feedback directly to Slack, Intercom, Salesforce and more …