SCC MediaServer


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Mission Critical

SCC MediaServer DAM systems store millions of digital multimedia assets created by News and Entertainment Media Industry sites throughout the world.

Typically used in deadline-critical workflows, SCC MediaServer systems provide scalable, highly available archive repositories for digital assets, fulfilling high user and feature expectations, and providing bi-directional integration with 3rd party production and content management systems.

In these mission-critical environments even a minor disruption can be enough to prevent business continuity, placing high demands on both the system itself and the support organization behind it.
SCC MediaServer offers cross-platform support, compatibility with the latest digital media formats, read/write support for Adobe XMP metadata standards, integration with the Adobe Creative Suite of applications, and proven reliability, scalability, and performance.

Latest Technology
SCC MediaServer systems support multi-platform client access, compatibility with modern digital media formats, read/write support for the latest metadata standards, and integration with 3rd party desktop and server applications.
64-bit VM and cluster-aware design supports scalable system configurations providing unsurpassed performance and reliability.
Granular database design, distributed search and indexing engine, and multi-channel workflow architecture supports parallel processing across multiple clustered server nodes.