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Use scorecard marketing to generate higher quality, higher converting leads

ScoreApp enables you to understand each prospect as an individual, and follow up with personalised messaging.

The Future of Lead Generation

ScoreApp’s platform enables you to create branded scorecards that prospects complete on your website. 
The prospect answers a set of questions that you write or import from our health, wealth, business and relationship templates. 
They then get a personalised report based their answers, and you get rich data to enable you to personalise your follow-up and sales.

STEP 1 Create your scorecard

Quickly and easily build a custom branded scorecard that’s integrated into your website. Write your questions, decide on question format, set it live.

STEP 2 Prospects complete scorecard

Your prospects fill out the scorecard by answering the questions you’ve set. Upon completion they are automatically sent a custom PDF report full of valuable insight personalised to them based on their answers.

STEP 3 Segment and Follow-up

Prospects who have completed your scorecard are segmented into categories based on their answers, enabling you to automatically follow up and run personalised marketing campaigns based on the data they’ve given you.