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Get actionable insights from your task management data
For a long time, project analytics was hard to understand and time-consuming. You’d have to export data from productivity tools into spreadsheets.

Screenful is an analytics tool that automates all that manual work. Save time and get any metrics you need at a glance with stunning dashboards, custom charts, and scheduled reports.

See who’s working on what
See what others are working on and what has been resolved recently.
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Track your lead and cycle times
Track your story cycle time, see your average lead time, and spot bottlenecks. Track & eliminate waste!
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Track progress towards a milestone
See how much work is done vs. left. Get forecasts based on your team’s historical velocity.
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Easily share and schedule
Share insights with public and private links. Send them via email or Slack on a custom schedule.
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Embed to your favorite tools

Project reporting made easy for everyone
The perfect data visualisation tool for project management that fits the needs of all the stakeholders