SE Cockpit


SE Cockpit is a cloud-based keyword research tool that brings in keyword data from the Google AdWords API and also scrapes the Google Suggest filter to provide comprehensive keywords lists in any niche. The tool features filters that help identifying the best keywords to use on a website or in a search engine marketing campaign, based on their traffic volume and competitiveness. This browser-based keyword and competitor research tool helps internet marketers to develop solid on-page SEO strategies and to structure their websites to take full advantage of their efforts. It includes a campaign management module. The Pro and Agency plans provide a rank tracking tool.

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What makes SECockpit so good?

SECockpit convinces with its simplicity…
SECockpit takes a huge amount of data and summarizes the most important information in a simple overview. This way, you can see everything you need to know at a glance.

…without sacrificing quality and relevance.
If you want to find out more about a keyword, one click is all that is necessary – and the complete data evaluation including competitor analysis opens.

With SECockpit you’ll find thousands of profitable Google Keywords in a matter of seconds – Better ones and more than your competitors.

Find thousands of valuable keywords within seconds

Keyword Research at Warp Speed
Overtake your competitors: While comparable keyword tools take 1-2 minutes per keyword, SECockpit will return up to 200 fully processed and analyzed keywords to you in just one minute.

But there’s more: With clever sorting and filtering options you can save a lot of time and easily pick the most valuable keywords from the huge amount of results.

Reveal more keywords than your competitors

More Keyword Sources – More Keyword Ideas
In order to provide the best possible search results, SECockpit has access to more keyword sources than most other comparable tools. Per search query for your start keyword, SECockpit gives you hundreds of keyword ideas.

In addition to keyword ideas via Google AdWords, Google Suggest (Long Tail Keywords) and Google Related Searches, keyword ideas are also available via Amazon and YouTube Suggest.

Get data for each and every single keyword – and be better than your competition

Superior & Unrestricted Data Evaluation of Each and Every Keyword
Enjoy unrestricted keyword research!

With SECockpit, you get access to the best, most comprehensive SEO data available anywhere, as SECockpit is not limited to its own database or to a generally imited amount of data.

A full competition analysis is done for each and every single keyword. You will see a complete analysis of the top ten pages currently ranking for your keyword of choice.

A Glimpse into SECockpit

Keyword and competitor analysis

By clicking on a specific keyword in your search results, you receive a complete data analysis as well as a full analysis of the top ten currently ranking pages for that keyword, including their PageRank, on-page optimization factors, backlink counts and more!

Track your results

With the bonus tool RankTracker you can keep an eye on your results – daily and fully automatically.

Start Keyword Search

Start a new keyword search by simply entering a start keyword and generating a comprehensive keyword research within seconds.

You can search by country and language, and include multiple the many keyword sources available.