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Welcome to a New Generation of Branded Search

Everyone online, including your target audience are using a search engine every day, it is the most popular activity online. If your target audience were using your company branded search engine then you would be able to engage them on a daily basis. searchexperiences innovative solution is a powerful tool to engage your target audience and give you ample opportunity for promoting your latest advertising campaigns, to complement and drive more return traffic back to your main website and increase sales!
The Search Experiences Effect
The following diagrams illustrate the effect and strong value proposition a Search Experiences Branded Search Engine has on reshaping your target audience’s internet activity online and visitor habits to your website.
# Currently your website only appears in search results when a user performs a specific search query relating to your website, which is a tiny fraction of all the other search queries they do.
# Between visits to your website, your users have used a search engine hundreds of times.
# With a Search Experiences Branded Search Engine it does not matter what search queries they perform because you are skinning the search engine itself, appearing on every search result page.
# Using the custom content areas in your branded search engine for selected eye-catching content they are interested in will drive your loyal users more frequently back to your website, increasing your indirect traffic.