Searchmetrics Suite


Increase Online Visibility, Grow Traffic and Maximize Revenue with the #1 Enterprise Search and Content Marketing Platform

Searchmetrics Suite
Content Optimization
Search engines rank pages based on content depth and relevance. The Searchmetrics Suite enables marketers to use a data-driven approach to content marketing with data, and prove ROI. Our massive database includes transactional data, the best indicator of purchase intent. Searchmetrics discovers the content competitors use to attract your target buyers. And it shows you how to build market share— with relevant and engaging landing pages that attract those most likely to buy. With Searchmetrics, you can:

Leverage data-driven content recommendations based on semantic analysis and natural language processing
See the correlation of successful content for your topics relative to competitors
Tie content marketing to revenue, so you can prove ROI

Scalable Site Optimization
If you manage a large, complex website, it can be hard to stay on top of errors and identify your “money pages.” Searchmetrics Suite site optimization performs a deep crawl to identify structural issues and errors, and helps you prioritize what to fix first. You can compare desktop and mobile performance with our unique desktop and mobile crawling agents. With Searchmetrics you can:

Crawl up to two million URLs
Identify critical, hard to find, errors
Avoid potential search penalties
Improve user experience

Visibility Score
Referencing the largest search knowledge database in the world, the industry-standard Searchmetrics Visibility Score and Mobile Visibility reliably and accurately measure the size of your desktop and mobile online presence. These scores use search volume, dynamic click curve models and machine learning algorithms to calculate the likelihood of a click within search results. With Searchmetrics you can:

Compare site performance across desktop and mobile devices
Receive data-driven recommendations for each device type