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Why Seaters?

Brand-centric messages are increasingly struggling to convert. Seaters brings brands closer to their audiences and enables them to enter the next phase of digital transformation.

People-Centric Approach

Bring each of your audiences into focus with detailed profiles built by using personalized content to engage.

Enjoy a hassle-free approach to growing sustainable relationships.

for Consumer relationships

for Business relationships

for Employee relationships

Long-term Relationships

Using a permission-based approach, your audience want to engage with you and are happy to share their data with you. Building trust and sympathy over time, your brand relationships will be stronger than ever, and more profitable.

GDPR compliant

data positively shared

brand acquisition & loyalty

customer advocacy

White Label Technology

Your brand is always front and center. Seaters optimizes the digital transformation of your relationships with easy integrations like Single-Sign-On and technology that embeds directly in your site.

first-party data

easy Integration


connects with existing CRMs

Measurable ROI

Powerful metrics that drive brands forward, it’s easy to track the impact of using Seaters.

Easily measure:

conversation rates

net promoter score (NPS)

cost per contact

Lead generation / CAC

Asset optimization

churn reduction