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Email is intimate, personal and can have powerful effects, but an email is only as good as the tools that created it. Sendicate is an email app that brings together simplicity and design to simply send emails to people who matter. Have fun with it.

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Good design makes a world of difference, which is why we have focused on creating compelling templates that drive influence. With a few gorgeous templates to choose from, you can spend more time crafting the message and less time dealing with hundreds of layouts. After all, less is more.

For the technically and creatively inclined there is a full theme system to bring your vision to life.

Our pricing is based on the number of people receiving your emails. Pricing is free for small lists. No credit card required.

Fully Managed.
For 500,000+ subscribers, our fully managed service offers dedicated account management, creative customization, and results optimization.

Award Winning.
Sendicate is proud to have won the W3 Award for best web application, and been an Official Honoree in The Webby Awards in the Web Services & Applications category.