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This program has many features that make it a great way to customize automated emails. Email templates are also an option in the software and can be used to make newsletters with great ease

Sendloop’s features make it easy to create engaging campaigns that are a perfect fit for your company. The Send UI makes customization quick and painless, while also allowing you full control over every aspect of how they’re distributed–from text-based messages all the way up through video plays!

In fact, email generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 4,200% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.

Sendloop – how they describe themselves

Professional email marketing solutions for better communication and higher conversion
Our wide range of email marketing solutions and services will help your business grow faster

High Volume Senders
Sendloop Managed Delivery Service™ is for marketers sending 100k+ emails per month and want to increase delivery rates.

Digital Marketing Firms
Sendloop Studio™ is an email marketing platform made for digital marketing firms to make them email marketing heroes.
On-Premise & Whitelabel
Sendloop On-Premise™ is an email marketing platform that runs on your own servers and you’ve full control over data.

Small Businesses
Sendloop Classic™ is made for small businesses and provides an easy-to-use platform. Sign-up for a free account.

Which Sendloop service is the right one for you?
Book your intro and strategy session now and find the right solution for your email marketing goals.

More Than an Email Marketing Platform
If You’re Sending More Than 100,000 Emails Every Month, This Service is For You
Sendloop Managed Delivery Service is for high-volume senders having delivery issues or low open rates. The tailored email marketing platform and dedicated service will boost your growth through email marketing.

24/7 Blacklist Monitoring
No matter how many emails you send, even a few thousands or multi-millions of emails, our experienced email delivery engineers will monitor your deliveries against any possible blacklisting problems.

When the email delivery volume increases, false blacklisting issues will increase. Our team will identify these problems and start de-listing processes on behalf of you. All these incidents will also be reported to you.

Blacklist Monitoring
Reputation Monitoring
Reputation Monitoring
Your delivery reputation (including both sender domain and IP addresses) will be 24/7 monitored by our team.

Instant drop on your reputation will be detected and we will analyze the current situation for you to provide you executive-level status updates.

We will work together with you identify potential problems with your mail lists to help you build sender reputation in the right way.

Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster Monitoring
Your deliveries and the health of deliveries will be monitored on Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster platforms.

Any potential email delivery problems to these problems will be identified and reported to you.

We will guide you to take appropriate actions to keep your good-standing with these two email service platforms.

Blacklist Monitoring
Sendloop Managed Delivery Service
Tailor Made Managed Email Delivery
No matter how large email deliveries you’re doing, our MDS team will support you. From managed IP/sender domain warm-up processes, to weekly strategy sessions, exclusive delivery analysis to IP/sender domain reputation management, Sendloop MDS will give you a tailored, custom-made managed email delivery service.

Instant Delivery Monitoring and Proactive Actions
Our advanced monitoring systems and experienced MDS Team monitors your deliveries regularly and alerts you for potential risks coming up. Possible solutions to avoid potential risks are discussed during weekly strategy sessions.

Sendloop Managed Delivery Service
Transform Your Email Marketing Into High-Converting Channel​
Imagine Getting Higher Conversion Rates Than Your Competitors

Dedicated IP Addresses
Primary and Backup Delivery IP Addresses
Managed IP Warm-Up Process
Flexible Email Delivery Volumes
Unlimited Email Campaigns
Unlimited Subscribers
Weekly and Monthly Delivery Analysis
Monday-Friday Priority Support
24/7 Sender Domain and IP Reputation
24/7 Blacklist Monitoring
Google Postmaster Monitoring
Microsoft SNDS Monitoring
Blacklist De-Listing Assistance
Sendloop Platform Access
SMTP Relaying Service
Month-to-month service, no commitment

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