Monitor and analyze any company’s email tactics.
The competitive intel you need to send your smartest campaigns ever.

Still using your personal address to subscribe to marketing emails?
Only designed to read emails.
No way to identify the ESP.
Can’t see original source code.
No insights on sender’s strategy.
screenshot of typical Gmail inbox
There’s a better way.
Instead of signing up for other companies’ emails with your personal address:

Add to SendView
Just add the companies you want to track to your account.

New Address Generated
SendView will generate a special tracking email address for each one.

Use That Instead
Then just use that address (instead of your own) to sign up for their emails.

An inbox designed for analysis.
Watch a 56 second tour of the Inbox.
Toggle over a dozen columns like ESP and spam score.
View original source code and preview on mobile.
Search based on tech, template, timing, and more.
screenshot of columns feature within SendView competitor tracking Inbox
Detailed company dashboards.
Watch a 41 second tour of our Dashboards.
Monitor their content calendar, word clouds, and more.
Compare email marketing strategy side-by-side.
Easily track each company’s email tech stack.
screenshot of SendView competitor dashboards feature
Over a dozen trend reports.
Watch a 50 second tour of Trends.
Identify most common send times and days.
Monitor adoption of email technology and tactics.
Filter trends by subgroups / tags for deeper analysis.