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SEO Zoom is a full SEO and web marketing suite that analyzes websites, keywords and competitors to provide insight and to help anticipating trends and spotting opportunities. The tool can analyze domains and niches, research keywords, identify potential link partners and reverse engineer the backlinking strategy of competitors. The keyword grouper feature helps internet marketers develop logical and effective silo structures for their websites. With advanced features such as topic explorer, interest finder, niche investigation, and knowledge graph search, this tool enables digital marketers to explore, identify and research the most lucrative niches to tackle. The flexible pricing policy allows smaller bloggers to benefit from a special deal.

Welcome into the SEOZoom Manual!
SEOZoom is the most advanced tool for SEO and Web Marketing on the Italian market. The suite consists of over 40 features, constantly up to date, allowing you to get a very large amount of information about Web sites, keywords and market niches.

More specifically, SEOZoom is a business intelligence tool that gives you access to statistics, data and graphs useful for marketing activities and crucial for the monitoring of your competitors. One platform, intuitive and easy-to-use, allows the SEO professional and his/her associates to keep under control most of the fundamental information to develop and enhance an online project.

In particular, SEOZoom analyzes several SEO elements inside Web sites. It detects errors within the pages and suggests solutions to enhance specific keywords’ performance. Moreover, SEOZoom’s engine can also give precious advice to create texts that can compete with articles in the top ten ranking websites.

SEOZoom is an incredible resource for SEOs and Web Content Editors and, in general, for all those professional figures looking for a powerful ally to develop an online project.

With our SEO suite we want to make web marketing activities easier and faster, as well as to allow you to always keep track of the performance of the projects you have registered inside the platform.

With SEOZoom tools you can:

Analyze the trends of traffic volume and of your project’s keywords;
Make a SEO Audit;
Monitor keywords and keep track of their ranking improvement or decline;
Keep an eye on your competitors and compare two or more domains;
Find new keywords relevant for your target and optimize contents thanks to the editorial tools;
Find new profitable niches
Before entering SEOZoom you need to register on you will thus get access to the limited features version of our software. In order to get the access and be able to use all of the features and analysis tools, you need to choose and purchase one of our subscription plans.

The homepage screen displays all the features that you will be able to deepen with this manual, while the Tool Sitemap allows you to easily see and approach the different sections.

SEOZoom’s interface includes these main sections:

SEO Projects
Editorial Tools
Keyword Research
Link Building
Editorial Plan
Website Rankings