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The missing Amazon SES Dashboard with great insights.

Open and Click Tracking
You can monitor click rate and open rate of your sends. This will allow you get better understanding of how your campaigns are doing and take relevant actions.

Smart Email Template
We dont just allow you to upload and manage your templates. We offer smart template support, which means that you don’t have to send all substitutions for each email and our intelligently api can automagically fill the missing substitution.

Bounce Handling
It’s very important to handle bounces and complaints to keep a high reputation for your emails. We automatically flag contacts in your lists and take action from our end to keep you contact list clean.

Developer Friendly API
SES Metric provides a rest endpoint for sending out emails. Rest is most widely used protocol and can easyly be integrated directly from mobile app’s without a need for another service layer.

Client SDK
We offer client SDK for most commonly used programming languages with detailed documentation on how to configure your app and start using the application

whether you want to connect a angular app to amazone ses or connect react app to ses we provide a simple to use Javascript Library. These SDK’s are very easy to integrate and simple to use.

Awesome SES Dashboard
The overview dashboard gives a quick insight into the ses sending activity for the last 24 hours.

One can very quickly look at the Sending stauts summary broken down into actual number and percentages for various sending status. The dashboard exposes realtime stats for your sending activity

Sign Up
Complete the simple sign up form get ready to be amazed .

Connect AWS Account
Just follow our simple setup wizard which will automagically configure almost everything.

Send Emails
Connect your app with our simple Rest API or Client Library and you are all set and ready.