Putting Data at the Heart of Engagement

Our platform is designed and engineered to make your customers more loyal and your business more profitable.

Faster & richer data with a single 360-degree profile for each customer stored in the cloud and updated with activity via API as it occurs.
Better engagement through highly personalized experiences delivered at the optimal time, place and channel for maximum impact and profitability.
Smarter offers like single-use coupons, product recommendations, and closed-loop offers recognized at POS instantly.
Inspiring greater loyalty measured by increased frequency, basket size and calculated metrics.
Our 1-2-3 Approach

Our platform uses Machine Learning to augment your own data to determine the right offer to get the job done for each customer.

Customer Data & Engagement Platform

The SessionM Platform is purpose-built to increase customer loyalty through delivering superior personalized experiences rooted in customer data. Working together, each element of the platform enhances the loyalty, profitability, and satisfaction of your customers.

Other Primary Components
Campaigns and Engagement

Calculate the most impactful customer experience and deliver it across any of your channels in real-time with triggered campaigns or pre-schedule for a specific time.

Loyalty Management

Determine the most profitable means of driving incremental behavior with personalized loyalty programs designed to derive the greatest benefit for the smallest cost.

POS Offer Management

Recognize single use coupons and other forms of personalized closed loop offers at the point of sale through SessionM’s proprietary native POS integrations.