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Shorten links using your own domain
Shorten, personalize, and share
fully branded short URLs.

We process 20,000,000 redirects per day for 200,000 happy customers. It’s our goal to provide reliable service allowing businesses to focus on their priorities.

Get the most out of
every link you share

See what’s inside provides advanced features that let businesses get all the benefits of link shortening.

Clickstream & Detailed Statistics
Track the success of every short link and domain with detailed insights (e.g., OS, location, browser, top links) and real-time clickstream records.

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Shorten, analyze, and manage URLs with a free API for developers. Add shortening features to your existing app or build a new one.

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Multiple custom domains
Use several branded domains in one account. Apply separate settings for each domain, and track the audience individually for every project.

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Teams with Roles
Create teams to shorten and manage URLs from one location with your colleagues. Assign 3 different roles: Admin, User, and Read-only.

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Make your work easier with us is designed to simplify the workflow of businesses. binds internal operations to the integrations to automate manual processes. While you are engaged in advanced tasks, the integrations work for you.

Create personalized short links

Transfer links to
And transfer links from one domain to another.

Friendly support that cares
We are always here for you and really care about your success in using short links. So you always get answers.

Get in touch from Monday to Friday, 4pm — 8am (GMT+8) to receive a quick response.

We are currently using your service for geolocation of social media links. It allows us to route users to the US or Canada based on IP so we can track user journeys properly. Very happy with the service so far.