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Sidemail – The new go-to email platform for your SaaS

Here’s why: easily create, integrate, send, automate, and analyze your emails. Sidemail comes packed with templates for any scenario and functionality to let you hit the ground running — in minutes. Meaning, you get to focus on what you do best, while your whole email game is as simple as making a cup of coffee.

Send transactional emails via API

Start sending emails like password reset or welcome email from your application in just a few minutes — Sidemail makes it incredibly easy to create, deliver, maintain, and analyze beautiful transactional emails.

Send product updates & newsletters

Send product update emails (newsletters) and let your users know what’s new in your product with Messenger. It’s as easy as sending an email directly from your Gmail account, except you can send to all users and see the stats.

All your subscribers in one place

All your subscribers in one neatly organized place that always has enough room — we don’t charge per subscriber. Collect email addresses, and grow your email list with simple to set up subscribe forms that are easy to share.

Automate emails and email sequences

Set up email automation to deliver your email or sequence of emails when a defined event happens — for example, user sign-up. Use it to onboard new users, convert them into paying customers, and minimize churn.