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Signatures in Gmail
Managed centrally, consistent and brand aware. Welcome your new marketing channel.

Centrally managed Gmail signatures. Finally.
Set sleek unified signatures for the whole company in minutes. Predefined templates with no need for end-user configuration (read: no struggling with formatting and image uploads).

Made for Google Workspace
(G Suite)
Best Google Workspace (G Suite) integration in class. Single sign-on, seamless installation, automatic users import, support for alias addresses, user profiles with custom schemes, organizational units, images, you name it.

Developed for Google Workspace (G Suite) customers by a long-term Google Cloud Partner.

Ready-made professional signature designs
Choose from a wide array of ready-to-use optimized email signature templates in various designs and get going in minutes.

Want multiple different signatures for one user? No problem, we support e-mail aliases.
You can set different signatures to Send As (alias) addresses that users have in their Gmails. You can also set different contact information like job title or departement.

Last blog article, last tweet or Eventbrite event in your signature, automatically?
Yes! You can configure your blog RSS, Twitter account or Eventbrite as a source of information that will be placed into your signatures. Subscription mode will make it happen automatically.

Can Joe update his contact details? Sure. Et Juan? Sí, claro.
End users have their personal page where they can update their contact information and request a signature change. Administrators see a summary of requests and can authorize them in one go – or let users do it.

On top, personal profiles are available in English, French, Spanish, Czech and Polish.

Departments are different. So can be your templates.
Define multiple signature templates and assign them to different groups. Sales department needs to include other information than customer service? No problem.

Turn signatures into a new marketing channel
Our smart Marketing Planner turns email signatures into a new marketing channel. Promote your upcoming event, new product or anything else.

Work with your Google Workspace users. Seamlessly.
Automatically load users from your Google Workspace directory. Names, phones, org structure, everything. Enrich their profiles directly in the app with a photo, social media links etc.

Prefer coding or drag-and-drop?
Visual WYSIWYG editor with drag&drop of signature elements and ability to edit HTML code directly. Plus signature templates with simple adjustments to match your style to start with.

Google Analytics integration
Track links in email signatures and see the results in your Google Analytics. Define your own UTM parameters to manage and evaluate marketing campaigns.

Take full control with monthly subscription
Change and update signatures worry-free at any time without any limit. Set marketing campaigns, add a seasonal touch or just experiment with your signatures on the fly.

Signatures are automatically set each day to selected users to fully leverage their marketing potential.

Set it and forget it – per change credit tokens
Want to set the signatures once and forget it? Then choose our credit mode. Buy as many credit tokens as you need and use them to set users’ signatures – one per each user. Each credit has a 24-hour validity during which you can set and update a user’s signature as many times as you want.

No SMTP. Easy setup
We are not altering your email flow in any way. We don’t force you to change SMTP servers. Signatures are changed on the client.