Reporting Made Simple
AI-powered reports for a more successful e-commerce business.

Creative Dashboards
Designed to relieve the stress of your data analyst. It is not just easy for the eye, but it is also easy for the mind to analyze.
Ease of use
Have you tried the hassle of creating a dashboard? If you haven’t, don’t go through that nightmare. Relax, use our dashboard.
Easy Access
Are you on vacation and, something urgent came up? Access your dashboard from anywhere you have access to the internet and optimize based on your data.
AI Powered Data That Matters
Our team of data analysts has worked with various e-commerce businesses and knows the metrics that you need. We created templates that would help you analyze only the data that matters.

Why Simpliboard?
There are plenty of solutions in the market but, only one focuses on e-commerce.

Our AI will help you analyze data and get your attention to the insights that make the difference.

Save Time
Have all your store data by only signing in to simpliboard.

Smart Reports
Our AI analyzes your report and helps you understand your store’s data.

All The Connectors You Need
Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, advertising platforms and the list goes on…

Simple Setup
Get your account setup in 5 mins and start reading data that will make a difference.