Singular – Zero time chasing data.
More time driving growth.
Get a complete view of marketing performance and ROI. Easy setup. No code required.

Solutions to grow faster

Marketing Analytics
Accurate, timely and actionable cross-platform analytics.

Cost Aggregation
All your ad spend data accurately reported in one place.

Marketing ETL
Clean, unified marketing data loaded where you want.

Mobile Attribution
Track and measure the path to conversion across channels.

Fraud Prevention
Block more ad fraud with the industry’s leading solution.

Ad Monetization
Analyze ad revenue and tie it back to acquisition costs.
What makes us different
Connect marketing data from anywhere
Automate data standardization with
error-proof schemas
Trust your data with the most accurate
cost and ROI reporting
Block more fraud with the industry’s
leading Fraud Prevention
Visualize ad assets and their performance
in a side-by-side view