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SiteImprove Analytics


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Data insights that empower your team
Siteimprove Analytics gives you powerful insights into visitor behaviour and website performance with intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use reporting, so you can make data-driven decisions to consistently deliver business results across teams.


Connect metrics to your goals and business results
While visits and page views are nice to report on, they don’t necessarily prove that your website supports your organisation’s goals. Define the Key Metrics that matter most for your goals and easily keep track of how your marketing Campaigns are performing against your targets.


Understand your visitors to create optimal user experience
View your website through your visitors’ eyes, using visualised data in Behaviour Maps to see how they navigate each page. Track User Journeys to create logical paths to the most important destinations on your site. With Funnels, you can learn where you’re losing visitors and why, so you can work towards more intuitive user journey that drives conversions.


Get real-time visitor insights and feedback
With real-time analysis and visualisation in Live Analytics, you can see visitor behaviour as it happens to catch emerging trends and explore user journeys. On-page surveys in Feedback enables you to directly ask users about their experience and gather ideas for improvement