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Presentation Management Software for Enterprise

A web-based tool for managing, building and sharing presentation slides online – securely and effortlessly.

A presentation management system can help sales and marketing teams by
Saving Money On Content

Re-purpose existing content instead of starting from scratch. Cut down on expensive man-hours and consultancy fees.

Saving Time Creating Presentations

Slidebank handles presentation versioning, automatic content updates and audit trails, leaving you more time for your day job.

Sharing Knowledge Between Teams

Harness collective knowledge to share powerful content across teams and offices. Turn your sales reps into instant experts.

Keeping Control of PowerPoint Slides and Content

Let users apply your approved PowerPoint templates to their content, ensuring greater brand consistency .

Ensuring Sales Presentations Are Compliant

Auto-update users’ slides with fresh content. Make slides read-only or mandatory. Group slides together for effortless compliance.

Training Software Users Quickly

Slidebank is easy to learn and to use, helping you roll out technology without the hassle. No software downloads, no installations, no complex training.