Smarketing Cloud


all-in-one customer engagement software
omni-channel marketing to reach customers, drive more sales engagement and unify your customer data

build & manage
bring all your customer data together in one place with our smart CRM and marketing automation platform

manage contacts
manage companies
build customer segments
build automations & workflows

connect & message
bring all your business messaging into one single system, provide support and excelerate sales using channels that bring you closer to your customer

schedule & post
save time and stay up to date by managing all your business pages and easily scheduling or posting to multiple social media accounts at the same time

advertise & grow
create, monitor and control your advertising campaigns based on CPA, ROAS, and other calculated performance metrics

mesure & analyse
adjust and learn from every aspect of your campaigns to make smarter sale and marketing decisions

website analytics
email marketing
social media analytics
marketing campaigns