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Make every story count

The stories you publish matter and should connect you to your audience. We understand that being data informed is the difference between your story doing ok and it going stratospheric. And rockets are supercool! So, meet smartocto: the world’s most actionable editorial analytics system. Built with, and designed for, newsrooms. We’re here to help boost your online impact. Ready?

Why the emphasis on ‘actionable’?

Listen: if alerts aren’t actionable, they don’t mean anything. Simple. No one needs more digital interruptions, but data-rich insights are absolutely critical for newsrooms. That’s where we come in: we serve you only the information you need, when you need it.

These unique notifications are laser-focused and based on your story strategy and business model. See it as AI that lets you know which story to optimise. The ultimate colleague you always wanted.

Find out the value of your stories from a historical and real-time perspective

It’s one thing to ask if your stories have impact, but it’s another to know what their real value is. Based on extensive historical analysis and real time data, our tool helps you get answers to both questions. We calculate the value of your content – now and in the future – and send you a prescriptive scenario for every story.

This data-informed solution is proven to support your business model, and because it’s set up to be in sync with how you operate, it’ll help your online storytelling efforts become profitable.