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Brand new feature is now available: Social CRM
With our social CRM you can close more deals and work with clients more effectively.

Track activity of your leads and find the best time to contact them.

Track brand reputation, manage social media channels, grow leads & customers, remote posting & scheduling, many more…

Keep all your customers in touch
Engage with clients in social networks

Track Brand Reputation
Tracking keywords in social networks
Tracking influencers
Tracking account activity
Monitoring Google Analytics and reviews
Tracking account followers and likes

Manage social media channels
Boost number of friends and followers on Twitter
Automatically unfollow those who don’t follow you
Automatically retweet best tweets of your followers
Craft posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
Check social media activity from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts

Manage leads and customers
Stay in touch with leads and clients with social CRM
Track activity of leads in social networks and find a the best time to close the deal
Monitor clients activity and engage

Remote posting & scheduling
Schedule updates to social media channels
Increase the number of followers by planning posts
Create exciting posts using image post designer
Post to different social media accounts from multiple profiles