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Why choose Socialmetrix Eventia?

Socialmetrix Eventia makes it possible for you to better understand your audience and generate more impact on the web. While the event is taking place, you can obtain metrics and insights on participants, discover which elements stand out, or which details need to be modified in order for the event to be a success and to have a strong impact online.

You can use the tool to monitor any type of event, whether it is public or private, including: conferences, seminars, product launches, elections, sporting competitions, television programs, concerts, etc.

The entities you choose will be the units configured for online coverage, for example a public figure, a TV program, a conference room, a lecturer, etc.

The interface is easy to use and intuitive, and can be configured in the following languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Why choose Socialmetrix Echo?

Socialmetrix Echo monitors blogs, forums, social networks, reviews sites and traditional online media, capturing the comments and opinions of the online community as well as publications and articles of traditional online media.Socialmetrix Echo enables you to track what the online community thinks of brands, products, politicians, and marketing or communication campaigns, creating an ideal environment for both qualitative and quantitative analysis, all in only a few clicks.

Automatically monitors twitter, facebook, social networks and traditional online media
Socialmetrix Echo monitors the main sites of user-generated content and the online editions of major traditional media, reviewing them and capturing new sources of information for each client.