The Complete Chatbot & Automation Platform

Solvvy’s next-gen chatbot combines fast, accurate answers with custom no-code workflows and advanced analytics – giving you full control over your customer support automation strategy.

Instantly Resolve Customer Questions

Solvvy Answers empowers your customers to automatically resolve their issues before needing to create a ticket or case for your support team to handle. Our next-gen chatbot understands the intent behind customer questions, ensuring your customers receive an accurate answer, every time.

Leveraging your existing help center content and advanced AI and Natural Language Processing technology, Solvvy Answers pulls the exact snippet of information from your help articles to resolve your customers’ questions. Answers gets to work on its own, without uploading or rebuilding content, and provides peace of mind that your customers are receiving the best possible experience, 24-7.

Build Custom No-Code Automations

Solvvy Workflows allow you to create customized solutions for more complex customer questions. Using our powerful Workflow Builder, you can quickly and easily build multi-step workflows to help your customers solve issues that would normally require the support of an agent, such as order tracking, troubleshooting, and subscription management.

Workflows don’t require any engineering resources to get started and can be built by anyone in just minutes, allowing your customers to easily resolve issues on their own while giving time back for your agents to focus on the issues that matter most.