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Take your social media performance above and beyond the ordinary
Turn your social media activities into measurable benefits and leave your competition behind

The AI-powered tool to master
your social media presence

Analyze social ads
Save time on aggregating and visualising data, and showcasing your performance

Generate ad reports in less than 60 seconds.
Compare various ads or ad sets to each other to draw meaningful conclusions for future campaigns.
Monitor only those metrics that matter for your business and campaign goals.

Improve results of your social media activities

Discover insights within your social data that go far beyond
the metrics provided in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
or YouTube Insights.
Get a full picture of your social media performance
at first glance
Analyze what content performs best and keep on
improving your social media strategy.

Limit the time you spend on preparing reports
to just a few clicks

Generate and download ready-to-send reports
with automated descriptions.
Customize your reports: choose time period, format,
data and more.
Discover our wide offer of tailor-made reports on demand.

Track your competitors’ performance

Create charts displaying a variety of analyses
and comparisons to stay up-to-date
with your competition.
Learn more about your competitors’ audience
and what content they engage with.
Make data-driven decisions and always stay
one step ahead of your competition
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AI-powered marketing solutions for making data-driven decisions

Our in-house Machine Learning Team is constantly working on developing and improving Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision models. The models are specifically developed for digital marketing needs, particularly social media.

We use our AI to help you with social sentiment analysis, logo detection and emotions recognition on visuals, text recognition and extraction from images and more.