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Your SoundCloud
on Autopilot!
Gain from 200 to 2000 REAL followers per month! An innovative SoundCloud bot for all your SoundCloud promotion and marketing needs!

Why SCHelper?
Here are some of our great features!

100% REAL followers!
Only real people
SCHelper follows other SoundCloud users on your behalf, those users that follow artists (or labels, agencies..) similar to your style. You gain REAL audience with us. The boost in your stats is all organic.

Simple as two clicks
Simplicity and efficiency is our motto.
You can start using the app in a few clicks. Literally. Set it up and watch your account grow quickly and securely. Use Cycle mode for automatic operation.

100% Organic boost
Gain plays, shares, likes
People will see your profile and listen, share and like your music in addition to following you. This is a 100% organic process.

Easy to begin
It takes less than 5 minutes to start

Sign in
After you have chosen subscription plan that fits you and payed for it — sign into your SCHelper account.

Find an artist that is similar to your style to target his audience and increase yours. Set a schedule if you want and prepare…

When you are ready, press the ‘Start’ button. Sit back, relax and watch your account grow!

Use anywhere!
SCHelper works on any device and any system that has browser with internet connection.