BOOST YOUR CONVERSION RATES with A/B Testing on App Store and Google Play

Test every element on all of the user’s journey
30+ experiment types are available.
You can test every element of your App Page + Search, Search Ads, Category and Customized App Store page.
We support: App Store, Google Play.

Track every tap and scroll of your users
Understand how users interact with each element of your app page: do they scroll screenshots, how long they watch video etc. Access Insights to know what makes an app page successful and learn to replicate.

Identify room for growth in your apps’ pages
Get comprehensive app page audit with SplitMetrics ASO Services. Understand your page bottlenecks and identify areas for growth.

Why SplitMetrics
Results that matter
Up to 65% increase in conversion rate
Successful launch with prelaunch testing
Smooth localization, rebranding, repositioning
Progress that inspires
Up to 8 variations per experiment
Unlimited # of experiments for iOS and Android
Test any element + multivariate combinations
User experience you’ll love
3 testing environments: Product, Search & Category Pages
Integrations with all your tracking tools
Intuitive UI, fully-automated platform
Full transparency
Control over testing budget via MDE and significance level manual setup
Control of an experiment (traffic distribution, pausing variations, clear status messages)
Behavior analytics
Get powerful insights into visitor behavior
Insights: we track 100M users for benchmarks
See how your app stacks up to the competition
Flexible & client-oriented
Co-managed & managed services
Flexible pricing adjusted to your specific needs
Always-on chat support