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Check out some of the powerful features of SpyBar…

INSTANTLY Discover New WordPress Themes & Plugins

Exciting new WordPress Themes and Plugins are released all the time. In just one click SpyBar will INSTANTLY give you a list of these for any WordPress website. So now you can “spy” on the latest WordPress tools that the gurus, leaders and competitors in your niche are using!

No Clutter or Cumbersome Desktop Software

Stop wasting money and time switching between expensive desktop software, “analysis” websites and cumbersome project profiles. SpyBar eliminates this and it doesn’t even clutter up your browser – it sits conveniently and discretely as ONE icon on your browser toolbar ready and waiting whenever you need it!

Dynamic Detection

SpyBar doesn’t draw from a static database of known WordPress tools. Instead it dynamically detects them. This means you’ll get instant results on exciting and brand new themes and plugins the minute they are installed on the site.

Reverse IP: Reveal Other Sites On The Same Server

Ever wondered what other websites a company, business or marketer owns? Well, provided they are on the same server and IP address (often the case) you can discover this in just two clicks of your mouse!

Discover New Content Rich PDFs

As you know some of the most valuable content is stored in PDF files rather than on web pages. In just two clicks SpyBar will conduct a search for all PDF files stored on the site you are currently visiting. Similarly, you can use the “Search” option which will list every page on the site identifiable to Google. A huge time saver!