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how modern companies manage their content

You don’t need another system for your content. You need it on a single place. Centralized, structured and with seamless integrations to other systems. Available from everywhere and for all digital platforms, such as Apps, websites and server applications.

We know, that there are dozens of headless CMS on the market.
But Squidex is Open Source and unique. Here is why:
Content Versioning

All changes in Squidex are handled by a versioning system. This makes it possible to compare different versions of your content and to roll back to a previous version. It also provides the audit log, so that you can see who did what and when.

Seamless Integrations

Our versioning system also enables it to react to changes in the system. So you can trigger external systems when a content is changed and also post your blog to Medium or create a tweet automatically.

Workflow System

We know that companies can have very complicated rules who can create, review or publish content. With our compelling workflow system you can implement your rules in Squidex.