Squirrly Social


from $14.99
  • Monthly Subscription


One Year of Social Media Posts in a Flash.
Blog to Social Media

Publish every new blog post to all your social profiles, without clicking a single button.

Make them resurface on your social feeds, so that you get more traffic over time to that new blog post.

Social Media Assistant

Stop wasting time searching for the perfect content.

The Social Media Assistant will help you with Curation and Discovery, so that you can schedule posts for two weeks, in just 3 minutes (tried and tested).

Content Agencies would charge you $100 for 50 Facebook posts. Squirrly Social includes this without extra charges in any plan you buy from us.

Auto Content Recycling

Evergreen posting and Content Libraries, with complete calendars, timings and expiration rules.

All that you need to set it and forget it.

These 3 features from Squirrly Social will help you publish awesome social media content for a whole year, in a flash.

After you complete your setup, you won’t have to lift a finger again, unless you want to adjust and make tweaks.

Post to all your social media profiles with one click

Squirrly Social works with your favorite networks:

Facebook Page, Facebook Group (via Buffer), Google My Business, Instagram (via Buffer), LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn Person, Twitter.

You can even schedule messages for later, so you won’t even need to click anything at all.