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Manage your social media
Multiple social media accounts or team members?
Post to all your accounts in one go, with tailored information so that each post is unique.


Unlimited Scheduling
An unlimited number of scheduled posts on Facebook and Twitter with no daily, monthly or annual cap.

Manage Teams
Free unlimited users with every plan. Grant access to your social accounts by dragging and dropping them into groups.
No passwords are exposed.

Combined Interactions
Streamline social monitoring and improve responsiveness with a our Unifeed.
All comments appear in one place, and you can reply natively to each .

Built for Variables
The core idea came from allowing bulk posting, but including individual words that could be tailored to each local account.

It works with words, phrases or even links

Save huge amounts of time​
If your brands share content, you can post to all of them in one go, as variables allow you to point to the correct local webpage.

Bauer save over 37 hours a week now compared to when they were posting each message individually.

Set your own variables
The core idea came from allowing bulk posting, but including individual tailored links.

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Post to Facebook or Twitter
Bulk posting to Facebook and individual posts to Twitter, all within the platform.

Variables can be set as anything
Set variables once and the correct information will always be pulled into your post.

Draft your timeline before you post
See what the timeline will look like before it goes out. Drafts allow you to get everything ready and then post when it’s time.

Accounts more secure
Access is granted through the platform so if someone leaves the company, just disable their account without changing any social passwords.

Unlimited users
We encourage you to make a profile for each user. No passwords need to be shared.

No limits on scheduled posts
Schedule as many posts as you like, with no restrictions from us.

View analytics on your content
Easily see grouped statistics on how your reach, likes and comments perform.

Teams alerted over post clashes
With bigger teams working on sharing, see when the last post on each account was.