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Dynamic Office Floorplans

Track all of your employees, desks and assets on your company floorplans. Quickly locate any employee by typing in their name, extension, title, etc.

Staffmap runs in a standard browser on any device including mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to manage your floorplans from anywhere at any time.

Move Management

Staffmap is the perfect solution for managing your employee moves and changes. Administrators can create move scenarios and then choose the best one.

Employees can also select a desk on the floorplan and request to move to it. Administrators can approve or deny the request. Email notifications can alert managers when a move is requested.

Desk & Room Booking

Use Staffmap to schedule all of your bookable desks and meeting rooms.

Employees that are not assigned a permanent desk, can easily book an available desk as needed. Desks can be booked for an hour, a day, or any other length of time.

The desk booking form and meeting booking form are fully customizable allowing administrators to add fields such as ‘coffee required’, “# attending’, ‘meeting description’, etc.