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Is this still how you are creating emails?
Dramatically reduce email creation 
time without adding staff or sacrificing quality.

Connect your business
Stensul integrates with leading automation platforms

Increase organizational agility

Slash email creation time by 90%
Optimize team resources without adding staff or sacrificing quality. Guardrails empower marketers to build emails in minutes.

Launch campaigns faster
Streamline the collaboration process so teams can build high-performing emails that drive results.

One place for team collaboration
An end-to-end platform brings all team members in the process together, instead of communicating in disconnected messaging tools.

Resources for your teams

Is Your Martech Accelerating Productivity or Slowing it Down?

How to Optimize – and Scale – Your Email Marketing Routines Without Diminishing Results

How Teams Conduct the Process Behind Their Email Marketing is More Important than Ever.